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BB Blobs
Support STEM

BB Blobs is a generative NFT art collection of 8,000 unique characters with the purpose of supporting science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) charities & non-profits.  Our alien, single-cell, blob-like friends characterize the BB Blob community; a fledgling optimistic group who will evolve collectively as we work our way from humble beginnings to making a significant impact. 

Non-Profit Partner

Our community of bullish art collectors leverages our belief in the future of Cryptocurrency, Blockchain technology, and it's tangible benefit to the world in order to partner with our like-minded friends in STEM. Our charitable partnerships will continue to grow with inputs from our community!



Student on Code.org


Of their students are women


Every student in every school should have the opportunity to learn computer science. This is why the non-profit, Code.org has tirelessly worked to to expanding access to computer science in schools and increasing participation by young women and students from other underrepresented groups. They are the leading provider of K-12 computer science curriculums in the United States, have created the annual Hour of Code campaign which has engaged more than 15% of all students in the world, as well as much much more!

Please check out their website and social media to learn more.

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Projects created on Code.org


Teachers use Code.org

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Our Plan

Donate to STEM

Our team is passionate about STEM, and our goal is to donate to STEM charities and non-profits. This is why we've partnered with Code.org. 

70% of funds raised from sold NFTs will go to charity. We will donate every 1000 NFTs sold, and if we sell less than 1000 in one quarter, we will donate what we have raised at that time.


Our NFTs reside on the Polygon blockchain.

Price will start at 30 Matic, and will increase steadily to ensure the value continues to grow. The next price increase will occur after the first 100 sold.

View your NFT on OpenSea.

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The Anatomy of a Blob


Example: Wild crown 

I don't think it means it's actual royalty


Example: Cyclops 

It's not always true, but weirder eyes are usually less common


Example: Gold Tooth 

Because it's gold, this mouth is rarer than most


Example: Gold 

Gold features are one of the highest rarity types


Example: Ghost

Not every blob has something behind it


Example: Suit and Bit-Tie 

There are other suits, but references like this one often denote greater rarity

What is a BB Blob?

"These squishy, single-cell blobs were recently discovered on a remote planet. Based on our data, they emerged all at once from pools of goo and took on many forms and features seemingly at random. We theorize that a human-made space capsule crashed onto this planet, and the human germs may have somehow sparked these lifeforms. Interestingly, they seem to imitate the relics on board this capsule in a sort of reverent way; donning the clothes and jewelry. Maybe they think we're their creators? Nevertheless, they are a very curious and active bunch. We'll continue to monitor their behavior, and see what's in store for them. There are many many more to study, and we're so excited to see how these baby blobs can add to our scientific body of knowledge."

– A real scientist

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Below is a theoretically possible blob consisting of some of the rarer features discovered thus far.

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Meet The Team



Project Lead

Daniel is a US Veteran and Program Manager by trade. He recently completed 10-years of service in the Air Force leading multi-billion dollar satellite system programs focused on early stage planning and development. Additionally, he led teams integrating requirements for the DoD's largest space portfolios. Currently, he focuses on the NFT space with the mission to demonstrate the many ways blockchain technology can improve the world.